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Leadership Meeting

In order to create a knowledge sharing platform and to bring newer heights; and to pass on the knowledge to the society in a more responsible manner, the university has come up with various centres of development i.e. Centre of governance, the centre of business ethics and corporate social responsibility, the centre for financial services, the centre for human resources management etc. There are such 12 different centres with different disciplines.

With the inputs of our visionary principal sir Dr Viral Bhatt & Dr Shailesh Thaker and, the centre of ethics and corporate social responsibility organized the third annual leadership meet on 19TH Oct. 2013 in, Ahmadabad. Leadership meet was unique in the sense that an ex professor of the Harward University and a newly appointed director of the Indian Institute of Management was the chief guest at the event. One of the renewed international trainer of the corporate world, Harish Bijoor (Brand Guru) was the key note speaker at the event.

Dr Akshai Agrawwal

The event was floated by the Hon Vice Chancellor Dr Akshai Agrawwal. He justified the rapid progress of the GTU within a short span of time and gave ‘mantras’ to all the principals, deans, HODs to adapt innovative ideas and to continuously work progressively to edge over the other universities of India. He motivated all the participants to enlighten their hidden potentials and to lead and to show the path of success to their followers.

Prof. Ashish Nanda

The chief guest of the program, Prof. Ashish Nanda. Director IIMA, addressed the audience with various aspects of leadership. He also shared the rich experience the rich experience and expertise in three mantras of excellent leadership (i) Don’t become a prisoner of inbox, (ii) be the adult in the room, (iii) Always keep learning. He also gave tips on effective coordination and control to various academic as well as non-academic issues.

Mr. Harish Bijoor

Our key note speaker was Mr.Harish Bijoor, CEO, Harish Bijoor Consults Inc. Mr.Bijoor brought a range of styles of leadership. He discussed seven different types of leadership in his energetic speech (Mr. Driver, Mr. Screwdriver, Mr. Conductor, Mr. Doctor, Mr. Lawyer, Mr. Wolf in sheep and last one Mr. Soda bottle opener). He further described the seven different styles of leadership for the education industry. He categorically classified the characteristics of the different leadership styles in educational arena and also showed their interrelationships and how one can adapt to the transformations in this leadership style. He also gave some live examples the corporate leaderships while creating a brand like Fair n Lovely, Samsung etc. He ended his speech with a diminutive question answer round with all the faculties, directors and deans of the university.

Dr. Shailesh Thaker

The third speaker of the event was Dr. Shailesh Thaker, Business Coach, Motivational speaker. Dr. Thaker showed a very diverse side of leadership. He discussed about values, Culture, Attitude and different other traits of leadership. His various quotes and stories were very impressive to everyone. The way he narrated various stories with leadership example, was a very unique way for everyone to understand leadership. He adviced all the participants to play vital role to manage the leadership crisis, and insisted all to spread share, care and joy in the professions.

Mr. Himanshu Buch

The last speaker of the event was Mr. Himanshu Buch, a humorist, an author, a motivational speaker, a corporate trainer and a ZEN coach. Mr.Buch spoke on different style leadership in teaching. He delivered his adaptable speech with incredible examples on leadership with hard work and perseverance. His delivery style was at par with excellence and audience many times felt Goosebumps. In the last audience gave him standing ovation for his startling speech.

The audience gave a standing ovation to the event at the ending ceremony. It was also demanded that such events should be happening at least more than once a year. All the participants took an oath to imply all the principles that were discussed and shared by the knowledge contributors.