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Organization Visit

Industrial Visit is a part of the course, during which students visit companies and get insight regarding the internal working environment of a company and how a company functions, as well as useful information related to the practical aspects of the educational course which cannot be visualized in lectures.

The industrial visit is considered one of the most tactical methods of teaching. It provides students with an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. Moreover, it gives exposure from an academic point of view.

One of the great experiences of any graduate degree is an industrial visit, which has been a common practice at SIM and all over the world. Industrial visit represent important activities that contribute to the achievement of various essential learning outcomes and programme objectives. It provides an insight on how companies work and also useful information related to the practical aspects of the course which cannot be visualized in lectures.


Management education involves a process of learning through life by self-teaching and on-the job training. The objective of SAL Institute of Management to build one’s ability to convert ideas into practice and develop state-of-the-art domain knowledge, skills and competencies. Imparting experiential learning that happens beyond the precincts of a business school can attain the above stated objective.

SAL Institute of Management therefore organizes annual industrial visits across the country for its students. The primary goal of these visits is to help students gain practical knowledge over and above the theoretical concepts that they learn in class in order to help them become efficient and effective managers in industry. Industrial visits also enable the students to understand and experience actual work environments. They also get an opportunity to interact with employees and thereby comprehend issues and situations that are encountered by them. Going forward, SAL Institute of Management plans to organize an international industrial visit in order to facilitate a global industry interface and ensure international exposure for its budding managers.

At SIM, visits happen with a specific academic focus with the objective of maximizing the learning’s from the visit. The students go through a pre-briefing before the visit, which provides the framework they would utilize while observing the concerned organization. The briefing also focuses on the academic concepts already covered in the program. There is a post briefing after the visit, which involves feedback from students on observed phenomena relating to the framework given. It also involves provision of assignments to students for bringing out the application of the academic concepts.The academic model is to spread the visits across different industries in order to maximize exposure and learn the industry-wide common practices along with the practices pertaining to specific industry.

OIM has been very particular in arranging regular industrial visits and summer internship for the students to provide all round practical training and exposure to actual industrial practice. This year, the industrial visit for students of OIM was organized to Chandigarh- Kulu-Manali & Hyderabad regions.

A group of students and accompanying faculty/staff members (to facilitate supervision and control) were assigned to each region. For each region, suitable factory visits were planned to meet the trip objectives. These apart, proper arrangements were made for the travel, boarding, lodging, and sightseeing in association with an outsourced tour operator.

The visit to Hyderabad region covered two industrial units, namely, Vijaya Dairy (a unit engaged in processing of milk/milk products and having adequate cold storage and quality control facilities) and HMT Bearings (engaged in manufacture of engineering components like nuts, bolts and bearings. A visit to ISB the renowned business school was also organized for the students.

The visit to Chandigarh/Kulu/Manali region covered industrial visits to Amartex a business conglomerate with interest in textiles, FMCG, Retail and others, and Jay Bee Transformer Company both located in Panchkula, Chandigarh. Visit to a local handloom factory in Kulu was also arranged. Students were also taken to local sightseeing trips to popular spots like to Rock garden and Pinjore Garden in Chandigarh.