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About Applied Science & Humanities Department

A family bears and teaches a child to stand, walk and speak as child grows up. Likely, we at General department develop a bridge to the students of first year, consisting of basic and essential knowledge that links to respective field of engineering.

We at General Department enlight the students with subjects such as Mathematics, Communication skills, Physics and Management related concepts. These subjects provide a comfortable environment to first year students that they met at school level.

The subjects taught by General department are like start-up packs to students of first year, for further journey in engineering.

We know that Mathematics is true language of science and engineering is daughter of science. So mathematical concepts are very essential tools, which helps an engineer to convert a real life problem to a mathematical model and then solve it. We at General department have experienced faculties of mathematics with wide range of interest in field of mathematics, which would be beneficial to students.

On the other hand, Physics is mother of all sciences and Physics works as a light house in a voyage of engineering. We have experienced faculties for physics and we provide basic knowledge to the students regarding science.

The other important aspect of our life is a communication technique of communicating with people is most important for dealing with people. We at General department develop the students writing, reading, speaking and listening skills to enhance their personality and ways of communicating.

Finally, the Management skills are important lessons that a student should learn out their personal and academic life. Here, we teach students, how to manage work of deal with people. After all management is an art of getting things done through efforts of the others.

Dr. Piyush J. bhatt